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Met her on a bus. One of the most friendly Serbian I met on my trip. This video also includes a bus trip without a ticket. I am sure this would be an interesting story for you. After this, I am going to show you my hostel, friendly hostel mates and then finally Capoeira! A martial art from Brazil, though I saw it for the first time in Belgrade, Serbia.

This video is a part of travel web series based on my trip to Serbia. I travelled from Delhi to Belgrade via Dubai availing the visa-free entry for Indians in Serbia for 30 days. Watch all the videos in sequence here #IndianinSerbia #SerbiaTravel #MountainTrekker

0:00 - dar kya lag raha hai?
0:11 - Recap
0:33 - how to get the front seat in a bus?
1:33 - How she helped me
2:40 - getting a tram ticket, Belgrade
3:40 - couchsurfing in Belgrade
4:43 - Moovit Travel app for Belgrade public transport
6:50 - Travelling without ticket in Belgrade bus
9:35 - new hostel in Belgrade
11:28 - Vegan Koshari from Egypt
13:00 - Afro-Brazilian Martial arts - capoeira
14:15 - What is capoeira?

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