Deadliest Journeys - Australia: the roars of the Bush

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Australia is the second most developed country in the world, especially the south and east because the north and center have remained wild. Two conceptions of life clash: that of the English colonists who arrived in the 19th century and who continue to expand ever further, and that of the aborigines, the first inhabitants of the island-continent. To link these two worlds, giant trucks relentlessly cover the most remote roads and tracks of the southern continent. They are called road trains, road trains. Since the 1930s, generations of intrepid drivers have piloted these behemoths, launched at full speed on the rugged tracks of the Outback. These ancestral lands, the Gibson Desert and the unspoiled coasts of Arnhem, are a preserved paradise from the modern world. This is where the members of the Yolngu tribe continue to resist as they carry on their 50,000-year-old customs and culture.
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